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How we build now sustainably will define the course of history

About BIG

The Building Innovation Guide provides technical recommendations for achieving high-performance Indian office buildings that are smart, green, and energy efficient. 

The best practices recommended in the Guide are particularly suited to the climatic, cultural, and construction context of India, thereby offering localized solutions. 

Together we can create a 




Real Estate Owners, Developers, Facilities Managers

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"Berkeley Lab has played a key role in shaping Infosys' energy efficiency strategy for high performance campuses  helping us leapfrog in our journey to become carbon neutral. The BIG has been really valuable for my team."

Swapnil Joshi, Regional Manager, Infrastructure and Green Initiatives, Infosys India

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Dr. Sunita Purushottam_ Head of Sustaina

"The Guide has come out very well and is impressive. Your findings and work on efficiency is the need of the hour."

Alok Kumar, Managing Director, Sears India 

"Thank you for the BIG, wonderful energy and knowledge,  and for making an impact on my organization."

Dr. Sunita Purushottam, Head of Sustainability, Mahindra Lifespaces

Rajat_Malhotra_ COO, Jones Lang Lasalle

" Urbanization in India is at a scale that no country has ever seen. The BIG is about delivering on the design promise by making performance reporting critical and incentivizing good performance. It emphasizes the importance of innovation as the pivot at this urgent time."

Rajat Malhotra, Regional Director, IFM West Asia, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL)



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"I look forward to using the Building Innovation Guide as a valuable resource in our M.Tech program in Buildings, Energy, and Environment."

Prasad Vaidya, Area Chair, Building Energy Performance, CEPT University, Ahmedabad India


"My students at Architecture school are becoming more aware of energy efficiency as a core principle ... The Building Innovation Guide can become a part of the educational curriculum easily."

Dr. Gayathri Aaditya, Department Head, NITTE School of Architecture, Bangalore India

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"The credit goes to LBNL who took initiative and formulated the Building Innovation Guide for designing high performance buildings that is also so useful in Pakistan. The reason is that both countries share the same geography, climate and culture. I recommend BIG being included in the curriculum in UMT, and envision BIG as a big inspiration for practical projects for architects and engineers, as well as policy makers."

Ar. Memoona Rashid, Assistant Professor, University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan


Architects, Engineers, and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) 


"I'd like to commend the BIG for its strategic insights and technical depth into the methods of design. The emphasis on integration of various systems of the building to get the best results as the Guide navigates the different climate zones and options in air conditioning technology really impels me to think of the next frontier of buildings." 

Ashok Lall, award-winning architect, Founding Principal, Ashok B Lall Architects, Delhi India

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The most striking feature of  BIG which is a first in the industry is its practical step-by-step approach which makes it so easy to absorb and adopt strategies that any building design or operations professional can apply to successful high-performance buildings. The language and case-study based approach offer thorough insights. We recommend this as the leading go-to reference guide for all AEC professionals in India and this part of Asia.’’

Rakesh Bhatia, LEED Fellow and Vice President, TATA Ecofirst, Mumbai India

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"This is an extremely useful document that has presented Indian building metrics for the first time - these have helped me develop targets for the best-in-class buildings that I work with, and push the envelope for buildings energy efficiency in India, much beyond minimum compliance to ECBC code."

Sameer Divekar, LEED AP, IGBC AP, Director, dbHMS, Chicago, Delhi, Pune 

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"Sincere thanks to LBNL for launching the Building Innovation Guide. India has a huge potential for building science and energy conservation, and BIG is definitely very helpful to bring more awareness and inspiration within the industry. The guide helped me to understand the local building challenges, and how to incorporate the recommended sustainability measures to ease out the upcoming energy demand on Indian buildings."

Harshul Singhal, Senior Sustainability Specialist, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, San Francisco USA


Building Product and Materials Industry Professionals

Prabhu Ramachadran__ CEO and Founder Fac

"The Building Innovation Guide (BIG) is about solving a global problem at scale through several years of extensive localized research. My company has been immediately on-board to use the recommendations that are tailor-made for Indian buildings’ smart + sustainable future"

Prabhu Ramachandran,  CEO Facilio, USA and India



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"BIG provides guidelines on how innovation can drive how we move forward on sustainability. BMC definitely wants to not only design buildings better, but also incentivize through a property tax regime that ensures that they are sustainably operated."

Praveen Pardeshi IAS, Chief, Brihanmumbai (Greater Mumbai) Municipal Commission, Mumbai India

SaurabhDiddi_ Director Bureau of Energy

"BIG’s discussion on democratization, digitalization, and most important decarbonization of buildings is important for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. 50% of India’s NDC targets can be achieved by energy efficiency alone."

Saurabh Diddi, Director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India

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SujataSaunik-IAS, Principal-Secretary, G

"I love the efficiency ranges that you have included. Thanks a lot for preparing this document, which I believe is a tremendous and unique effort."

Satish Kumar, Executive Director at Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, Delhi India

"The real estate industry represents 40%  natural resource use,  40% waste, 35% GHG emissions in India. I really welcome the Building Innovation Guide - it is very relevant to  democratize- i.e.  bring in all the stakeholders and collaborate as green buildings represent a $35-50 Billion market opportunity. The important drivers are increasing awareness and changing consumer preference , improving affordability and economics, government push and policy support, and health benefits."

Sujata Saunik IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra